Skill: Degassing

Technology description
Ultrasion is currently working on a new ultrasounds-based light alloys technology in order to launch a new degassing technique which is to be more effective and clean. The current degassing techniques, based on the purge of a gas mixture through the melt have been proved to be expensive and harmful to one’s health (often containing chlorine or fluoride) and have shown limited efficiency.

Main advantages

The technology of liquid metal degassing developed within this project will be innovative in the following aspects:

  • Complete elimination of harmful and environmentally unfriendly gases from the process
  • Elimination of rotational, porous and fragile components that can contaminate the melt
  • Optimized scheme that allows for short treatment time with the maximum effect
  • Applicability to both continuous and batch processes
  • Applicability to a wide range of casting processes and liquid metals
  • Removal of oxides in addition to dissolved gases


Our ultrasounds-based light alloys technology is mainly useful for purging gas mixture through the melt reducing the concentration of hydrogen and improving the quality or the cast parts. On the other hand, our ultrasonic degassing solution can be used for other purposes and applications being also highly efficient:


  • Generation of slurry semi-solid for processing light alloys by other techniques such as casting, extrusion or forge
  • Production of metal-matrix composites by ceramic particle dispersion