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Sonorus molding machine
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Ultrasonic Micro Molding

For the first time in the history of plastic moulding, there is a brand new commercially available technology that uses ultrasounds as the agent of material melting, and which has been developed specifically for the manufacture of precision and micro parts.
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The Ultrasonic molding Machine

Manufactured by Ultrasion SL headquartered in Barcelona, the Sonorus 1G Ultrasound Micro Molding machine is characterised by numerous advantages that differentiate it from alternative micro molding technologies.

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The next Generation of Micro-Molding Technology

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  • Material & Energy Savings

    What is most obvious when comparing the Sonorus ultrasonic micro molding machine with traditional micro molding technolgies is that you will find no screw, no barrel, and no heater bands.
  • Reduced Viscosity in Melted Material

    Materials melted via ultrasonics exhibit significantly reduced viscosity, allowing the production of thinner walled, flatter, and longer parts than has ever been achievable before using traditional micro molding technologies.
  • Reduced Molding Pressures

    The reduced viscosity that ultrasonic melting induces in all plastic materials means that the Sonorus 1G micro molding machine uses much lower molding pressures than alternative micro molding technologies.

  • Reduced Material Degradation & Residence Time

    Ultrasion’s ultrasound micro moulding technology uses no heaters and low molding pressures, and with material being dosed direct to the mould where it is melted in milliseconds by ultrasonic agitation, there is no material residence time, and no material degradation.
  • Outstanding Precision - Case Studies

    The Sonorus 1G accommodates shot weights from 0.05 g to 1.5 g, and is being used across the world by various OEMs in the medical and other industry sectors. The proprietary nature of many of the applications of the technology are such that precise case studies are not possible, but it is possible to give some details of recent OEM projects and the materials used and dimensions achieved.
  • Technical Specifications

    Clamping Unit - Clamping Force 30 kN (3 ton). Specific Molding Pressure - 300 bar. Ultrasonic Injection Unit - Frequency 30 kHz. Power Level - 1.5 kW. Shot Volume - up to 1 cm3. Drive Electrical Power Supply - 3 kW. Weight / dimensions - Net Weight 800 kg, Length x Width x Height 800x850x1800mm.
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