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Bringing our expertise in ultrasounds to the industry

At Ultrasion S.L. we improve manufacturing processes developing ultrasounds-based customised solutions.

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Consultancy & Services

Contract manufacturing

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Meet the Sonorus

Our most successful business line and the next step in ultrasonic micro-injection molding

Material & Energy Savings

No purge operation and highly efficient heat transfer

Minimal Residence Time & Plastic Degradation

Pellets heat up inside-out in a fraction of the time required for other molding technologies


Highly customizable process with intuitive interface

Clear working area

Ultrasound unit

30kHz, 1500W

Extraction system

Automated part extraction for 24/7 operation

Automated feeding

With optional integrated drier

Reduced Viscosity / Enhanced Rheology

Ultrasounds stimulation reduces the viscosity of the polymer, boosting its ability to flow

Micromolding Precision

The whole system has been designed to fulfill the micromolding industry standards

Our expertise

These are some of the technologies we’ve developed.

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Ultrasonic Molding

USM improves injection molding machines by replacing conventional screws and heating bands with an acoustic unit


Ultrasonic Nano Additivation

UNA improves the dispersion of nano-particles through the pelletizing process by applying ultrasounds to the extruder nozzle


Ultrasonic Micro Pultrusion

Enhanced pultrusion using ultrasounds to form reinforced composites in high performance micro applications


Ultrasonic Light Alloys

ULA improves degassing processes of light alloy casts. The ultrasonic stimulation eliminates bubbles, reducing porosity and nitrogen content


Ultrasonic Tube Forming

Use of ultrasounds for tube bending, reducing time and energy requirements

Our academia partners

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