Ultrasion sells the first micromolding machine based on ultrasounds in EEUU

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During the past edition of the fair K’2013 the company Ultrasion, a spin-off of the Foundation Ascamm that created to develop and commercialise innovative technologies that base in the ultrasounds, achieved to close the sale of a machine and his peripherals (automation) to the company Oratech (www.oratech.com) situated in Utah, EE UU. According to sources of the Catalan company, treats of the first machine of moldeo by ultrasounds that sells in this country. The moldeo with ultrasounds changes radically the conventional concept of plastification of the material since it combines a process of warming purely mechanical (by ultrasounds) with an inyectora vertical and the mould, facilitating the flow of the material to the mould to pressesures very low…

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Interempresas, October 10, 2013.

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