Ultrasion Establishes Strong Presence in Germany

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(Barcelona, Spain May 2015) Ultrasion SL manufactures theinnovative micro moulding technology based on the use of ultrasonics. Building upon its success at the NPE show in Florida in April, the company recently exhibited at the Medtec Europe event in Stuttgart.


It has become obvious at recent trade shows that Ultrasion’s technology has now become the “go-to” solution for many micro moulding applications, and more than 70 medical device OEMs made contact with the company at the Stuttgart event, and orders have already been made off the back of the show.


Enric Sirera, General Manager at Ultrasion says. “There are some key markets for Ultrasion, and we are especially pleased with the traction that we have in the United States and increasingly in Germany and indeed throughout mainland Europe. The Medtec exhibition has reinforced Ultrasion’s position as one of the leading technologies for medical micro plastic manufacturing in Germany, which has a vibrant and innovative micro manufacturing community.”


Until Ultrasion launched its ultrasonic moulding technology three years ago, OEMs had to choose from various technologies that were to a greater or lesser extent based on traditional injection moulding processes.


Some suppliers have attempted to adapt this injection moulding technology in order to better service the demands for small and precise parts. However, as is often the case, adaptations of macro technologies and processes to the moulding of precision and micro plastic parts is not always the best solution.


In the area of micro moulding, through the use of Ultrasion’s proven ultrasonic moulding technology, OEMs now have an innovative technology to use as they strive for a cost-effective, accurate, and efficient manufacturing technology.


This new micro moulding process is based on the use of ultrasonics as the agent of polymer melting, and is designed specifically for OEMs of small and precise plastic parts, and therefore addresses the specific problems associated with this sector. With no need for a screw and barrel, the technology is extremely energy efficient and minimises waste. At the same time, as ultrasonics induces extremely low viscosity in melted materials, product designers can now innovate as they have never been able to before.


Enris Sirera continues. “There are some unique characteristics of Ultrasion’s technology, but what we are finding in more recent months is that the real uptake and increase in orders is centred around the fact that we address the key problem in micro injection moulding, namely material degradation. Material degradation is caused by residence time which exists in ALL injection moulding processes that rely on the screw, barrel, and heater band technology. Using Ultrasion’s Sonorus 1G machine, the precise amount of material required per shot is fed direct to the mould, where it is melted in-situ using an ultrasonic horn that also acts as the plunger injecting the melted plastic into the cavity. By processing the plastic right by the gate, there is no residence time so there is no material degradation, a hugely beneficial advantage for all OEMs that are manufacturing precision plastic parts using sensitive materials.”


The truly innovative nature of the technology had led to an enormous amount of media interest over the last few years, and today as more and more OEMs acquire the technology, there are many reference sites that show real commercial success. Industry can now see what can be achieved, and this means that the company is responding to many direct customer orders without the requirement for protracted validation.


Enric Sirera concludes. “We were hugely encouraged by the almost universal congratulations we received from the attendees at Medtec Europe for this ground breaking technology. When the technology was new, many companies needed to familiarise themselves with how it worked before committing to purchase. But now the word is out that the technology is extremely simple to use, and saves a massive amount of expense on energy and material wastage. But above all, customers can now see for themselves the products and components that Ultrasion’s machine can produce. We can manufacture parts that are impossible using traditional micro moulding technologies. As OEMs increasingly understand this, we are facing an exciting period of rapid growth.”


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