Ultrasonic Micro Molding

For the first time in the history of plastic moulding, there is a brand new commercially available technology that uses ultrasounds as the agent of material melting, and which has been developed specifically for the manufacture of precision and micro parts. The technology approaches the manufacture of micro plastic parts from a completely different perspective. How can micro parts be produced by a small footprint machine that is designed to use as little energy as possible, optimise the properties of melted plastic, reduce material wastage, and reduce contingent tooling costs? From this perspective, an innovative technology and solution to micro plastic part manufacture was developed, and is now offering numerous hitherto impossible opportunities to OEMs across the world.

The Ultrasonic Micro Molding Machine

In the Sonorus 1G micro molding machine, ultrasonic waves are used to melt plastic granules.

The machine has a dosage system that delivers the correct quantity of standard pellets for every shot. The production cycle begins with the mould already closed and dosed with raw polymer at room temperature. The material is then contacted by an ultrasonic horn or “sonotrode” which is lowered, and as well as melting the polymer forces the material to flow into the mould cavities. The sonotrode then returns to its original position, and the cycle begins again.

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