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The goal of OPTOGENERAPY project (Optogenic Protein Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis) is to develop and demonstrate a new optogenetics implant for controlled beta interferon (IFN- ß) protein delivery for treating patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. The new implant will be the result of the cooperation of 11 European partners, including Universities, Tech centres, Health institutions, SMEs and big companies.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720694
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Ultrasion participates in the Project   PAT15-1-0020  “Sonorus 2G: màquina de micro-injecció de termoplàstics per ultrasons”.
Initiative sponsored with the aid of        ACCIÓ horitzontal color



Cerorsom_logoThe CERORSOM project aims at developing an innovative degassing technology based on the ultrasonic treatment of light metals. CERORSOM will mean a significant improvement for the foundry sector of non-ferrous alloys, delivering a solution that improves melt quality by reducing the gas content and oxide formation (80-90%), and with a reduction of the gas emissions to the environment (80-100%), allowing the production of high added value casting parts. Ultrasion collaborates in this project with a Spanish partner : HORMESA (Hornos y Metales, S.A.)  & and an Austrian partner: VMG (Vöcklabrucker Metallgießerei Dambauer GmbH). Ultrasion is the project leader for the Spanish part.

This project has obtained funding from the join programme Eurostars 2 (project ID: E! 11529) wich is cofounded by the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological development (CDTI : CIIP-20172025) and the framework programa for researh and Innovation Horizon 2020 of the European Unión.logos