Technology description

UDM aims at developing a flexible, integrated and easy to configure Rapid Manufacturing (RM) machine for production of plastic parts by deposition of layers. This technology is recommended for the manufacture of short series to get products featuring open geometries while shortening production times and costs compared to traditional manufacturing methodologies.
RM applications are promising in many fields such as medicine, aeronautic, automotive, consumer electronic, etc. In spite of it clear advantages, this technology is still restricted. The equipments currently available are very expensive and exclusive for certain technologies of Rapid Manufacturing. Apart from this, they generally use a single type of raw material.

Main advantages

  • Improved manufactured parts thanks to the ability of using any available polymeric material including those with additives and engineered grades.
  • The ability of using standard raw material largely available in the market, such as pellets. Nowadays, materials are tied to machinery brand, which creates a quasi-monopoly situation, reason why material prices are not competitive. UDM technology will induce a cheaper access to direct manufacturing of parts due to the freedom of choice of different materials.
  • Lower-degradating and faster polymer processing: The melting of plastic with ultrasound is almost instantaneous. This enhances the control of the flow of heat towards the material, limits over-exposition effects and speeds production rates.
  • Improved mechanical properties of the plastic parts: The improved adhesion amongst layers allows the possibility of building stronger parts without other Additive Manufacturing anisotropic tensile strength reduction in the direction perpendicular to the layers deposition.
  • Highly energy efficient manufacturing that will result in a cheaper process due to energy saving of the ultrasounds melting process when compared to traditional electrical heating elements.

UDM has born to be a real industrial processing technique for short-series manufacturing and custom-made parts. This technology not commercially available yet!