New Ultrasion technology molds via ultrasonic melting

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By Clare Goldsberry,
October 10th, 2014

The melting of plastic via ultrasonic vibratory energy such as first used in welding two pieces of plastic together has been around for a few decades. Barcelona, Spain-based Ultrasion SL has taken that to a higher level, using vibratory energy to actually melt plastic pellets to injection mold very small (micro) precision parts. With many products trending toward miniaturization in a number of industry sectors including electronics, telecommunications and medical, molders now have an alternative to mold these micro parts.

Using this innovative ultrasonic technology offers molders and OEMs a cost-effective, accurate and efficient manufacturing alternative. This new micro-molding process is based on the use of ultrasonics as the agent for melting the polymer, without the need for screw and barrel and heater bands. Additionally, the ultrasonic technology is extremely energy efficient and minimizes the waste that is often associated with molding micro parts, where the runner system often weighs multiple times the weight of the actual part.

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