Huge Material Savings

What is most obvious when comparing the Sonorus ultrasonic micro molding machine with traditional micro molding technolgies is that you will find no screw, no barrel, and no heater bands. In the Sonorus 1G micro molding machine, material is dosed direct to the mold where it is melted using ultrasonics, which dramatically reduces material wastage, as only the material required per shot is melted. Runner and sprue wastage is negligible. Material wastage using traditional injection moulding technologies can be a huge problem when making micro parts, with in some instances 99% of material processed being scrapped. Another huge advantage is that there is no need for material purging if the molding process is interrupted or stopped. The purging process is not only time consuming, but is again hugely wasteful of material. With the Sonorus 1G, the machine can be switched off and on at will, and the production cycle can continue seamlessly despite such interruptions.

Huge Energy Savings

Ultrasion’s ultrasound micro moulding technology is outstandingly precise, uses no heaters that are found in traditional micro molding machines, and the process means there is no material residence time, and no material degradation. As energy is only imparted for a split second when the ultrasonic horn contacts the raw polymer to induce melt, the technology uses up to 90% less energy than traditional micro plastic moulding. This is a huge advantage for manufacturers that are used to micro injection moulding machines that run continuously at 1.7 kW/h.