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The last six months have been extremely busy, but also very exciting here at Ultrasion.

There comes a point with the development and commercialisation of any ground-breaking technology when you move from the “new kid on the block” to an “established commercial industrial solution”.

In the early years of commercialising the revolutionising ultrasonic precision molding technology, much time was spent explaining how it worked, and changing people’s perceptions of what was different, and what the technology allowed that was previously seen as impossible.

For sure, the technology required people to suspend their preconceptions.

OEMs — since when precision molding began — have been wrestling with problems associated with material degradation, over-engineered molding solutions, disproportionately high clamping and molding pressures, massive energy usage compared with the size of parts produced, and purging and material wastage.

So when a technology arrives that eliminates residence time, therefore massively reducing the thermal history of melted polymers and material degradation, eliminates the need for purging, and which uses clamping and molding pressures that are more appropriate for the size of parts being produced, it may be understandable that people think it is too good to be true.

But over time, a few years ago, early adopters begin to feedback real commercial successes. OEMs reported the ability to manufacture more detailed, longer, thinner and flatter parts than had ever been possible before. Other OEMs reported that they were successfully over-molding and insert-molding in a way that no other technologies would allow.

Yet more companies took advantage of the reduced viscosity induced in plastic melted using ultrasonics to achieve extraordinary flow through the mold and the manufacture of parts with extremely intricate and precise features.

Ultrasion has now sold machines extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and the Far East. We are now a proven technology solution, and as such we take our place as the developer of the next generation of molding technologies.

There is now need just to take our word for it.

We recently delivered a machine to one of our newest customers, MTD Micromolding in Charlton, MA, USA. MTD Micromolding is respected as one of the pre-eminent micro molding companies in the United States, and President Dennis Tully (recently interviewed for Med Device On-Line) said this. “Ultrasonic molding is the most radical approach to molding in probably 100 years!”

We are proud to be working with MTD and the array of OEMS and contract manufacturers across the world that have invested in our technology.

These are truly exciting times at Ultrasion, and we are also pleased to announce that we have just received a Seal of Excellence from the EC under the Horizon 2020 program.

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