Nova tecnologia de moldeig de peces de plàstic per ultrasò

per Josep-Maria Ureta el Periódico, 20/01/15 El responsable d’expansió d’Ultrasion, Enric Sirera, proposa la comparació: «Igual que el microones va suposar un nou concepte d’escalfament culinari enfront de la cuina de fogons, comença a concretar-se una nova tècnica d’injectat de plàstic que no només desplaçarà una gran part del sistema tradicional, sinó que el superarà…   Per llegir l’article complert seguiu el link:...

New Ultrasion technology molds via ultrasonic melting

By Clare Goldsberry, October 10th, 2014 The melting of plastic via ultrasonic vibratory energy such as first used in welding two pieces of plastic together has been around for a few decades. Barcelona, Spain-based Ultrasion SL has taken that to a higher level, using vibratory energy to actually melt plastic pellets to injection mold very small (micro) precision parts. With many products trending toward miniaturization in a number of industry sectors including...

Ultrasion rethinks micro moulding with ultrasonics

By Enric Sirera, September 9, 2014 In a contributed article, Enric Sirera at Ultrasion writes that micro injection moulding has many limitations, but his company’s technology answers these issues and opens new avenues for medical device makers. Injection moulding is a technology that – in some form or another – has been around in the manufacturing industry for decades. More recently, as the demand for miniaturisation of parts and components across industry has grown, a...

The next generation of micro moulding

August 18, 2014 Today, OEMs have a new and innovative technology to assess as they strive for a cost-effective, accurate, and efficient manufacturing technology. This new micro moulding process is based on the use of ultrasonics as the agent of polymer melting, and is designed specifically for manufacturers of small and precise plastic parts. With no need for a screw, barrel, and heater bands, the technology is extremely energy efficient and minimises waste. At the same...